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Thoroughbred Terms & Conditions

S.L.F Deal
Prior to the arrival of your mares at the stud we require:
1. A copy of the mares passport or marking papers
2. CEM and EVA certs
3. A signed contract and completed mare detail form to have been received by the office.
4. All veterinary charges must be paid in full before the mare leaves the stud.

Bridge House Stud offers a free return service during the succeeding season to all contracted mares who fail to produce a live foal provided that:
A. Full payment of service, livery and veterinary was received in the year of cover
B. A satisfactory veterinary cert has been received of confirmation of the mares state.

Veterinary Terms

Mark Fagan and Laura Drumm are both established and respected equine vets in the Midlands, each with extensive experience both locally and at national sales venues etc.

We aim to ensure that our clients receive maximum service at competitive rates and to remove the uncertainty of escalating costs we offer and recommend an inclusive veterinary deal for all routine veterinary procedures for qualifying mares at the stud. This deal is available to mares under 16 who have not been barren for more than 2 seasons at a prepaid price for 2 cycles. Alternatively normal stud veterinary rates apply. Please enquire from the office.

In everyone’s interest and following current veterinary guidelines, we have a policy that all mares visiting the stud must have negative CEM and EVA certs dated within one month prior to their arrival at the stud.

We also recommend that mares are checked for normal cycling before arrival. All veterinary charges must be paid in full before the mare leaves the stud. Please note that in-season mares arriving at the stud after midday will not be checked by our vet until the following day.

Livery Terms
Livery is offered at the flat rate of €20 per day for mares stabled, €10 barren mares at grass and €15 mares with foals and must be pre-booked with our office and notice given of arrival and departure times. All livery must be paid before mare leaves stud.

It is recommended that mares arrive the day before their vetting to allow them time to settle after their journey. If mares need to be vetted on day of arrival they must arrive no later than midday.

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