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Sports Horse Terms & Conditions

Registration of Mares
All mare owners should have their mares named and registered as a broodmare with the Irish Horse Board and have passports available for booking in the mare to stud. A covering cert will be sent by the stud to the Irish Horse Board if the mare is scanned in foal and payment has been completed. Mare owners are responsible for making sure that they receive the marking charts for their foals in time to register their foals before weaning.

Performance Mare Incentive Scheme
A free service is available to mares that are either Grade A with the Show Jumping Association of Ireland or Advanced with Eventing Ireland. Proof of grading must be provided at the time of booking in and all livery, and veterinary charges must be paid before the mare leaves the stud. Mares 148cm and under will only be entitled to a free service to our pony stallions. Any mare receiving a free service will not be entitled to the veterinary deal and normal stud veterinary charges will apply. Performance mare owners requiring chilled semen must arrange their own transport or collection.

Livery Charges
For clients wishing to leave their mares at stud please note that the charges remain at the same rate as for previous years and must be paid in full at time of collection.

• Mare at Grass €10 per day
• Stabled Rate €20 per day

• Mare and Foal at Grass €15 per day
• Stabled Rate €20 per day

Stud Fees
Standard booking fee of €500 must be paid on arrival of mare at stud. The remainder must be paid when the mare is scanned in foal at 17 days. Owners whose mares fail to go in foal, to carry full term or to give birth to a foal that survives for 48hrs are entitled to a free return providing that the accounts are paid in full during the season.

Chilled Transported Semen
Due to the pressures of the increase in demand for transported semen, the recent loss of both train and bus facilities and in order to provide the most reliable service for both mare owners and stud staff the following will apply - Within Southern Ireland chilled fresh semen will be available for collection from the stud from midday only and must be paid for at time of first collection with no subsequent charges. Please do not arrive early as collections and processing of so many stallions are taking place at this time and distractions cause delays. Delivered semen is available on an overnight service by An Post or couriered on an overnight pre-midday guaranteed service both at €10 per delivery. Orders must be booked before midday on day before semen is needed for insemination.

Service for Northern Ireland
We will always try and find help with lifts for deliveries to owners who require semen in the North but at present due to the disappointments we have had in the service of the overnight couriers it seems that the best really guaranteed method is to bring the mare to stud or to collect the semen from the stud from midday onwards.

Mares and foals whilst at the stud will receive every possible care and attention but no responsibility can be taken for accident or disease. Veterinary assistance will be called in when necessary and will be chargeable to owner. All mares are covered at the owners risk and no responsibility can be accepted for injury, damage or loss caused through teasing or servicing any mare.

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